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Divine Powers Within

by Chariji, May 4, 2007, Dubai, UAE.

I was telling our brother here that the first thing to be truly human is to have no hatred for anything, any place, anything, anywhere, and at any time. Unless you remove that, love cannot … “I’m a this, he’s that; or I’m this, she’s that”—all prejudices must go. Prejudice is the one thing that keeps us away from our Maker, from our Creator. You see, He does not like prejudice.

Once I had a vision in the morning, four o’clock. There’s a whole … like this place, and it’s full of ants. There are king ants and queen ants and sheikh ants and duke ants and noble ants, but when God sees, He sees only ants. This fellow says, “Oh, Master, you know, I’m god ant, or I’m sheikh ant.” He says, “What is sheikh ant? I only created ants. You have created this division between yourselves that I am Hindu, you are Christian, you are Buddhist, you are Muslim. You have created; I have not created. I am one God for all. So you are all my children.”

But we fight here because we divide ourselves into races, into nationalities, religions, and fight in all these different ways. We fight politically, we fight economically, by religion; we fight between man and woman, because of one sole cause—prejudice. So unless we cut it out of our hearts in one stroke ... You cannot do it little by little—little prejudice today, little prejudice tomorrow—it’s not possible. And the longer it lasts, the more difficult it is to take out.

You know if there is a thorn in your foot, and you don’t take it out immediately, it goes in, it festers, pus forms, and then it has to be operated. And if it’s not done in time, septicaemia sets in, and the patient is dead. I’m not theorizing. This happened to one of my grandfather’s farm managers sixty-seven years ago. Just a thorn in the foot—three days later he was dead. Young man, forty-two years old.

So anything which is not done in time, perhaps can never be done. Because the longer you let it go… it’s like, you know, making a resolution: from tomorrow I’ll get up at 6:00 am. The first thing you need to determine to get up at a specified time, is to throw away your alarm clocks. I have never had an alarm watch in my life, yet I can get up at 1:15 if I want to get up at 1:15. In fact, I get up one or two minutes earlier. There is something in me which wakes me up, you see.

We have all these faculties given to us by Nature, but we don’t depend on them. We depend on the alarm, we depend on the automatic clock and the radio, we depend on the mullah beginning his morning prayers. When are we going to use the truly Divine powers that are within us?

We have no faith in ourselves; therefore we have no faith in anybody. We have no faith in the religion that we profess; therefore we have no faith in religions. Unless it is in you, you cannot see it in somebody else. You have disbelief; you’ll see everybody in disbelief. Because we project what is within us on others, blame them, fight them, kill them. So you see how hatred is born, whether it is political or economic or religious or racial—just colour bars. 

So if you want to be really spiritual, my dear sisters and brothers, all this has to go. Even that she is a woman and I am a man, that has to go. That is a difference which God created for His purpose, not for ours. Our purpose is to love without differentiating anything. And if somebody says, “Oh, I love her because she is good,” then you are not loving her, you are loving goodness. “I love her because she’s beautiful.” You are not loving her, you are loving her beauty, and one day the beauty will fade and the love will fade with it. “I love her because she is tall like Aishwarya Rai.” Gone! There’s no love.

You cannot say “I love because…”; the moment this ‘because’ comes, gayela as we say in Bombay—gone, with the wind. I love—that’s all. Not him, her, this, that. I love. Then you are loving everything, everywhere, at all times.

I recommend that you all think over this very seriously, whether you are Shia or Sunni, Hindu or Muslim, or Christian or Jew, it doesn’t matter. God has no favourite religion. God has no favourite people. God has no favourite country. We have, and therefore we must give up all this. If I am to become one with my Father, I must become like Him first. Water can mix with water, not with oil. You know? Like that, man cannot mix with the Divine until he has become like the Divine. God shows us this again and again when He comes in the form of His prophets, in the form of His avatars in India, prophets in Islam, Christianity.

So, you see, He comes to show us that He can be with us, assume our form, assume our life, our way of life, suffer with us, only to show us that we can become like Him, so that we can live like Him in a divine state, free of all problems, pains and sufferings. But we don’t take the lesson. We say my prophet, my religion, my country, my race. And God says, “If it is, keep it.”

Thank you.