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Work for the Good of Humanity

by Chariji, January 5, 2007, Chennai, India.

I am very delighted to have had such a wonderful batch. Many of you are preceptors now and I hope you will work for the good of humanity, remembering that your people of your language and your religion are all part of humanity. As Babuji said, “If I have a boil in my hand and if I neglect it, I may have to cut off my hand.” So, we must attend to it. Small problems we must solve. Big problems will get solved. Because big problems are only small problems put together. Understand? What do you say in Spanish? Comprenden? I learnt some Spanish now!

So, happy journey back home wherever you are going. Remember I am always with you, because for me the world is one. All people are my brothers and sisters. I want you all to speak the language I speak, not Hindi or Tamil or Urdu, but the language of God.

Thank you.