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In the Giving, We Receive

by Chariji, February 13, 2005, Satkhol, India.

Dear brothers and sisters,

May the hierarchy of our spiritual Masters bless us all on this auspicious occasion of Lalaji's anniversary of His descent on Earth. We are all enjoying the happiness and joy of their presence-his and Babuji Maharaj. But in that process we should not forget our own duties and responsibilities: first to ourselves and next to the humanity of which we are part.

Babuji Maharaj always said, "You get not for yourself, but to distribute." You are taught to teach, so that you will teach others. You are given strength, so that you will succour others. You are made rich, so that you will feed others. In the process there is always something that remains in you, for you, and that is your share.

So we have a very wonderful system where in the giving, we receive. And when the giving stops, the receiving stops. That is why Babuji Maharaj said, "Serve and you will be served."

We serve in our own very weak and poor capacity, and in our own limited fashion. And our Masters-they serve us in their divine unlimited eternal fashion. May it always be so.

Thank you.