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Book Announcement

by Chariji, March 30, 2005, Kolkata, India.

Our people are not able to announce correctly. This book which is being printed has not been written by anybody. So the book will not have the author's name. What the subject is, even I do not know today. But based on trust, people have been making a donation of rupees ten thousand for this book for the past three years-and the book is being printed now. If you want this book, a donation of rupees ten thousand will have to be made to the Foundation.

This book will not be for sale by any means. Once the book is published, you will not get a single copy, even if you come with one lakh rupees. This is a promise. Yes, there are many people who purchase goods only after seeing them, but faith means doing everything with complete faith. You do not examine the goods, you do not taste it, you do not smell it. You take a loan just based on trust in someone. Many among you are businessmen who do futures trading also. In future, whether we will be there or the goods will be there, nobody knows. But still you have stock futures, sugar futures and whatever else.

For once in your life, you have a 'book future'. And your future is linked to this book. I will not mention this again because I have not come here to ask for money. I come here to do something for you all.

This book is one that readers will either love or throw away in hatred-let me warn you. This is like life. Either you live happily or unhappily. The one who reads this may accept it or may not accept it. It is possible that a few people might also leave the Mission. It is possible, because this is like a knife which cuts a thing into two pieces. Knives do not join things; they cut. Do knives ever join things? What will this one cut? It will cut between your faith and your intelligence (your knowledge) and will throw away either this or that.

Sometimes a new daughter-in-law of the house tries to cut potatoes but she cuts her finger instead. Or she goes to cut a banana, throws away the banana and keeps the stem. Then her mother-in-law scolds her. So here too it is like that. If you have the wish, the heart-felt wish, to progress spiritually in your life, then that knife which is coming in the form of this book will wash away your intelligence. The work of the intellect is over-it has brought us up to here. Now my future, my destiny or whatever it is depends on my faith.

So it is a book of faith-faith alone will accept it, faith alone will tolerate it, faith alone will benefit from it. But until you see it, you don't know-therefore it is a risk. Therefore I said, it is a 'futures' transaction, where your future is involved. So think carefully. Those who want to do it are welcome to do it. The last date is 15th April 2005. After that, even if you come with a lakh of rupees, you will not get this book.

Thank You.