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Producing Balanced Individuals

by Chariji, April 12, 2005, Chennai, India.

To the trustees, principal and staff of Lalaji Memorial Omega School

I want the trustees and, more especially, the principal and the staff of Lalaji Memorial Omega School, to understand that this school is being established, and will start working soon, not to churn out intellectuals—of whom we have enough in this world. Intellect alone divorced from moral values, has created all the havoc in this world, starting from the Middle Ages—wars of expansion, wars of acquisition, wars of destruction. And that is the way this world is headed.

Our Omega School must strive to produce young ladies and young men who are balanced, with both the soul and the body working in unison, with the soul guiding the body in its activities, and especially the mind working under the guidance of the soul. Intellect is not at all important. We can see how modern education has produced intellects like robotic machines. The computer is not the only example, but those who operate the computers are also examples of this materialisation—of what should have been spiritualisation.

So this is the aim. This should be the goal of the teachers and of the Trust and all those who are guiding the destinies of our children who, we hope, will come out as balanced individuals in the service of this world. I pray for that.