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Address to abhyasis in Hyderabad

by Chariji, July 24, 2004, Thumkunta, India.

Such gatherings must reflect human fervour in working towards the achievement of one's chosen goal, in our case that of mergence with the great Master, my great guru, Babuji Maharaj. Without this spiritual fervour, such celebrations remain mere social occasions entailing waste of many varieties of resources, the most significant being time. The Mission helps us to harness necessary spiritual and material resources towards this most desirable and necessary end. Lacking that spiritual purpose, a person's rare human life would other wise remain a mere wasted human life. That would indeed be a tragic waste of what spiritual souls have described as the rarest of gifts - the human life on earth.

This life of ours is meant to be used for sadhana, to work off past samskaras without accumulating new ones, and to reach the goal in this very existence. My divine Master Babuji Maharaj has emphasised again and again the relevance, indeed the absolute necessity, of undergoing the ups and downs of this life with cheerfulness and in a spirit of acceptance, which alone can culminate in the development of ultimate spiritual verity - surrender to the will of the great Master who guides us in the pursuit of our chosen destiny. I pray that all abhyasis of this great and noble Mission may develop such a cheerful surrender in their lives, and achieve that which they have set out to achieve without wasting time and energy in wasteful lament and sorrow and dissatisfaction with one's life, which after all, is nothing but a life each one has created for, and by, himself. May it be so, by His Love for us, His mercy, and His ever present help on all occasions.