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Guru Poornima

by Chariji, July 13, 2003, Cossonay, Switzerland

Today is the festival of Guru Poornima, and Babuji Maharaj told me that, when the abhyasi is with the Guru on this particular day, and they have a sitting, they progress hundreds of times faster. (Applause)

This was not planned, that, you know, today we should be here, and I did not know today is Guru Poornima until yesterday evening. So I think it's a special gift to everybody here, that today is a special blessing from Babuji Maharaj. (Applause)

It is not luck; it is benediction. Luck is for worldly affairs. You know the Sanskrit word for luck? Adrishta-that which we cannot see. That is divine grace. So, today is like that, you see.

So I am happy that we are all so many people together here today. And you must have felt what happened during the sitting; it was very profound, and I have not recovered from it so far. I hope all of you will continue to be like drunk with today's sitting, till next Guru Poornima. Thank you.