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Visiting Kanha During the Pandemic

Bulletin No: 2020.28 - Sunday, 26 July 2020

Dear sisters and brothers,

We have received requests from many of you to volunteer your services in Kanha Shanti Vanam.

In view of the prevailing pandemic, we will not be able to accommodate large numbers due to limited quarantine facilities.

Volunteers shall only be permitted to visit Kanha if you observe the following criteria:

  1. Age group: 18 to 50 years. Children under 18 years are not permitted to accompany adults.
  2. As per government guidelines, you must be a resident in India.
  3. In a good state of health. Those who have health problems are requested not to apply. In case you are found with any pre-existing diseases, you will be requested to leave.
  4. Carry a current health insurance policy, which covers the period of your stay, and an Aadhar card. It is also important that you top up your existing medical insurance with a Suraksha Kavach plan from any insurance company.
  5. Stay is planned for more than a month.

For safe travel, it is preferable that you travel to Kanha in your own transport rather than public transport. Please make your own travel arrangements from the airport or railway station, in case public transport is used.

Kindly carry the following for a safe stay:

  • Masks and hand sanitizers.
  • Drinking water containers for personal use.
  • All essentials to meet your daily needs for a minimum of two weeks.

Those who meet the above requirements are requested to register at:

Batch 1, starting 1 August 2020:

Batch 2, starting 18 August 2020:

Batch 3, starting 5 September 2020:

Please make your travel arrangements only after receiving email confirmation for your stay at Kanha.

Kindly carry a copy of the confirmation email. We will not accommodate those who reach Kanha without prior approval from the Kanha Ashram Office.

If you receive confirmation, please plan to reach Kanha one day prior to the start date of your batch.

All should follow state regulations regarding the pandemic.

During your stay at Kanha:

Food from the main kitchen will be served at the quarantine facilities. Requests for special meals or diet will not be entertained.

In the quarantine area, you will be responsible for taking precautions for your own personal protection against the pandemic.

All occupants will be responsible for maintaining cleanliness of the accommodation and common facilities and proper disposal of waste.

For any clarifications, please send an email to