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Connecting Heartfully in the time of Corona Virus

Bulletin No: 2020.15 - Monday, 6 April 2020

Dear sisters and brothers,

The Heartfulness movement was founded for the upliftment of humankind, based upon the values of universal love, personal excellence, and unconditional service.

Today, humanity faces the COVID-19 pandemic, and the most vulnerable are the under-privileged sections of our society, who face heightened health and financial risks. In India, thousands of daily-wage workers have lost their jobs and are finding it hard to meet their day-to-day family and healthcare needs. In the USA, the unemployment data released recently has astonished everyone.

To respond to this disaster and to curtail losses, there is a need to supplement the government’s efforts. We are being tasked not only with undertaking the necessary precautions and caring for our families, but also with uniting at heart to aid those most in need.


The Heartfulness movement is sparing no efforts in addressing the food shortages, pandemic stress, and infrastructural support. Across many cities, towns and villages we are offering various means of support.

Heartfulness Centres have pooled funds from the local community, and have quickly improvised ‘Food Drives’ to affected groups, with the support of the Government and in some cases at the Government’s request. Some of the ongoing, expanding services offered by us are:


Almost 20,000 people are being fed or provided with food packets, ration and supplies across the country in various Heartfulness centres including in Kanha Village near Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Tiruppur, Tirupati and Lucknow. In Hyderabad, 7,000 food packets are being given daily to the Office of the Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad, Government of Telangana for distribution. Beneficiaries of this outreach include displaced migrants as well as labourers who have lost their daily wages under the lockdown.



Several critical products like hand sanitizers, face masks, cleaning and hygiene products, as well as medicines are being provided to volunteers and health workers in various parts of the country, to support and augment the efforts of these brave warriors in their work to help people who are suffering in the epidemic.


We have launched ‘Voice That Cares’, a 24x7 Helpline to help alleviate pandemic stress.

The helpline can be accessed by dialling the toll-free number:
1800 121 Dhyana (3492).

The helpline is backed by several hundred certified Heartfulness Trainers. Their job is to respond to public calls and help relieve the emotional or mental distress of callers.



The Heartfulness Continuing Medical Education team is offering various virtual awareness programmes. Our doctors and healthcare experts are volunteering their time online, to providing psychological counselling and informative webinars, especially addressing senior citizens and persons with pre-existing medical conditions. Hundreds of volunteer medical professionals are also working to prevent the contraction of COVID-19.


For more information on the upcoming webinar, visit



A new series known as ‘Hello Life’ is being launched on 7 April 2020 on the Heartfulness Unplugged YouTube channel, by the Heartfulness Youth. This will be a Talk Show which runs for 15 to 20 minutes once a week. This platform connects people and explores topics around lifestyle, personal growth, and mutual learning, along with some simple and healthy practices that we can incorporate into daily life.

Below is a link to the teaser video, and we hope you will subscribe, watch, enjoy and collaborate to make this a success.



Social distancing and lock-down have redefined our homes as mini-offices, schools, ashrams, and gymnasiums as well as homes. Tune in as world-renowned business guru, Dr Adizes, and beloved Daaji enjoy a series of conversations on how to best manage businesses, teams, families and ourselves during this period of change. At present, these sessions are being aired on Facebook. We are also looking at the possibility of uploading them on the website soon. To sign up and for further information click on the link below.



Many helpful practical techniques for staying healthy during the current corona-crisis were shared by Daaji during his recent LIFEcast. The video remains available to all interested viewers.



While we are social distancing and staying at home, we can continue to pray for everyone everywhere by practising the Universal Prayer at 9 p.m. every night. This prayer is very simple, and can be practised by anyone who wishes to do so:

Meditate for fifteen minutes,
thinking that everyone is being filled with love and devotion
and that real faith is growing stronger in them.



Our network of thirteen thousand trainers are working with millions of practitioners around the world to provide virtual training programmes in the Heartfulness Practices. These sessions are available 24x7 every day of the year on the HeartsApp and other online meeting platforms.


While the Heartfulness communities are equipped with large kitchen facilities, the demand for food packets is double or triple our current supply. The fixed costs at our centres and the growing costs of our digital services, all of which are funded by donations, determine our capability to reach people in distress and uplift those who are anxious.