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LIFEcast video links, information on Heartfulness masterclasses

Bulletin No: 2020.14 - Friday, 3 April 2020

Dear brothers and sisters,

Many thanks for the overwhelming response to the LIFEcast and also for inviting your friends and family to view it.

In case you missed the LIFEcast, or you would like to view the video again.

A gentle reminder that existing Heartfulness practitioners are not required to register for the LIFEcast. As the next step to Daaji's LIFEcast message, many existing Heartfulness practitioners have expressed interest in revisiting the masterclasses. A few are seeking information on how to guide their friends and family with the masterclass. Here is some detailed information on that:

You are invited to try the guided masterclasses on Heartfulness practices. There are 3 masterclasses, each one focusing on a different practice:

Masterclass 1: Relaxation & Meditation - Relax, learn to meditate and expand your consciousness

Masterclass 2: Cleaning - Detox and rejuvenate your mind Masterclass

Masterclass 3: Inner Connection - Establish a prayerful connection and learn to listen to your heart

In the days that follow, we invite you to set aside some time every day, as per your convenience, to experience the 3 masterclasses. Ideally, you can watch one each day for 3 consecutive days.

The masterclasses are available online 24/7, free of charge, at

Please scroll down the page to select the topic and language of your choice.

Best wishes with your next steps. We are here to help whenever you need us.

LIFEcast Team