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Remote Satsanghs with Daaji on Sundays and everyday

Bulletin No: 2020.10 - Friday, 20 March 2020

Dear ones,

As we keep hearing daily about the worsening situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, I often wonder what brings such calamities to humanity that is already suffering. Is it a wake-up call for us to do more, or just a reminder? When we read some of the messages that have been intercommunicated to our scribe from beloved Babuji in the Brighter World, he is continually telling us to take refuge in this sacred place of the heart, as our practice is a sort of protection in our energetic structure, which is important for balance, even if it is not a remedy for everything.

So it is imperative for our preceptors to give more sittings remotely and via our HeartsApp, and for all of us to utilize our time in personal sadhana and the reading of our literature.

Please be advised that I will be conducting daily satsanghs from Monday to Saturday as well as on Sunday during this time period.

All abhyasis worldwide can sit remotely in their homes for satsangh at the following times:

7 a.m. Monday to Saturday IST 9 a.m. Sunday IST

You can calculate local time using this link:

European abhyasis would also an opportunity to sit in their homes for satsangh at 9 a.m. CET when I will be conducting the satsanghs from India.

There will be no URL or weblink to join these satsanghs and people can sit at those times wherever they are. Everyone will be benefited, so please invite seekers new and old to participate and sit at their homes,

With very affectionate regards,