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Bulletin No: 2018.8 - Sunday, 18 February 2018


Dear sisters and brothers,

Heartfulness Yoga is a wing of Heartfulness activities that combines Yoga Asanas and Heartfulness Meditation. Heartfulness Yoga offers a soft physical activity that prepares and invites people to meditate. In this way, people who are more inclined to try Yoga Asanas will discover meditation and practice the 8 limbs of Patanjali Ashtanga Yoga. Heartfulness Yoga keeps your body healthy and full of energy to carry the Heartfulness movement forward.

There are several Heartfulness Yoga activities:

Yoga TTC:

The Heartfulness Wellness and Yoga team is announcing the third Yoga Teacher Training Course in Kanha from 3 to 31 May 2018. This course is a certification course (PG Diploma) to become a yoga teacher, the Heartfulness way. It is an intense residential training course combining all the aspects of Heartfulness practices along with chosen Asanas and breathing exercises. All are welcome.

Details and registration:

Heartfulness Yoga for certified Yoga Teachers:

We would like to invite all abhyasis who are already certified yoga teachers to attend a one-week training program in Heartfulness Yoga. There is already one batch open in April. This course is a residential course and free of cost.

Please fill out the form to register:

Yoga Classes:

Following the November Yoga TTC, the first batch of Heartfulness Yoga Teachers has started teaching yoga classes in several centers in India and across the globe. These include Bangalore Banashankari and Param Dham, Tiruppur Chettipalayam Ashram and DJ Park, Jammu Ashram and Harda in India, Nice Ashram in France, and Ireland.

They are free classes that gel with our Heartfulness practices, and they are open to both Heartfulness practitioners and newcomers. Please check with your Center Coordinator for updates on Heartfulness Yoga Classes.

Wellness Retreats:

On the third weekend of each month, we invite you to take a wellness break and experience Heartfulness Yoga in a 2-day retreat in the beautiful atmosphere of Manapakkam Ashram, Chennai. The retreat includes movement, nutrition, lifestyle guidance and Heartfulness Meditation techniques.

Yoga and Health Free Medical Camps:

Free medical camps are organized in Manapakkam Ashram, Chennai, every Saturday. Yoga and Meditation are part of the holistic treatment offered for High BP, Diabetes, Obesity and Cancer.

For more details, write to us at: