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Bulletin No: 2018.42 - Thursday, 20 September 2018

The United Nations International Day of Peace falls on 21 September 2018. This year the theme of Heartfulness Institute is Peacefulness. As always, we encourage Heartfulness practitioners all over to reach out to their communities and offer Heartfulness meditation sessions.


The info of public events to commemorate this day can be uploaded to the website here:


Please send reports of your events with high-resolution pictures in an email to OR upload them to the appropriate Country/Continent folder in this location. You are welcome to create a folder with the name of your country/city & sub-center to upload your content. Kindly send in your reports by Friday, 5 October 2018.


Please use #peaceday #peacefulness and #heartfulness on your social media posts.

Let's meditate for Peace

Best wishes,
Peace Day Team