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Bulletin No: 2018.12 - Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Dear sisters and brothers,

Greetings. As we all prepare to register and travel to attend revered Babuji Maharaj’s birth anniversary at Kanha Shantivanam between the 29 April and 1 May 2018, we are happy to announce that a ‘Grounding in the Practice’ Training Program for abhyasis will be held at Kanha Shantivanam after the celebrations, between Friday, 4 May and Sunday, 6 May 2018.

This is a wonderful opportunity for all who are serious and sincere to deepen and intensify our practice in the presence of beloved Daaji himself.

This program is open to all and may be conducted in various languages depending on the groups present and their language preferences, but will primarily be in English and Hindi.

To register:

Affectionately yours,
Kanha Team