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Bulletin No: 2016.56 - Thursday, 7 July 2016

Dear sisters and brothers,

Daaji felt that many seekers and institutions may offer us a possibility to have 3-day workshops followed up by weekly programs. This continuous engagement may be in the form of a weekly course for 12 or more weeks, or an open ended basis.

In this context always remember the 3 essentials of Heartfulness program:

  1. Expand the opportunity
  2. Sustain the engagement, and
  3. Nurture the seekers.

Expand the opportunity by offering for all cadres of management, staff, students or employees, and also any of their branch offices or sister organizations.

Sustain the engagement with weekly meditations and also invite willing volunteers to becoming champions to carry on with the program in the organisation. We need more volunteers to facilitate all the programs we have.

We must find a way to stay engaged with the newcomers and nurture them. This can be done by WhatsApp groups, emails and offering free subscriptions to our Heartfulness e-Magazine. We can also give them welcome card after the three sessions and they can take advantage of the resources in the centres. Always ask for a referral from management and feedback from seekers, inviting testimonials.

Please find attached a one-page set of guidelines for the introductory 3-day Heartfulness workshop. In cases where an initial 3-day and follow up engagement is not possible, it is left to the discretion of the team concerned to utilise the volunteers optimally for maximum impact.