While conducting long distance satsangh, should a preceptor sit alone separately? Also can a sub-centre be included while conducting satsangh at main centre?

While conducting long distance satsang, the preceptor should also sit and conduct the satsang as he would do if the group is in front of him.

Yes, a sub-centre can be included during satsangh at the main centre. Ask the abhyasis to sit for satsangh as per the local scheduled time. Let them start the meditation with a thought that Master is giving the sitting and they are in his physical presence. Gently bring those abhyasis into your vision and make a suggestion that whatever work to be done as per his will is already completed. You can also encourage those abhyasis to regularly sit for the Friday 9 p.m. direct sittings from Master. Encourage them to visit the ashram or the main centre whenever they can. The preceptor is recommended to visit the nearby centre for conducting satsangh.