Presently I am giving introductory sittings (single / group) and individual sittings separately without mixing them. Can we have them together? Rather, while giving introductory sittings to a group, can we simultaneously give individual sitting to an abhyasi?

If it is the case of newcomers wanting to attend a satsangh, then please invite them to join, and follow up afterwards with the introductory sittings as required. Introductory sittings are essentially individual sittings. During introductory sittings do cleaning on day one. Continue the cleaning and introduce the Divine Light on the second day. Continue cleaning and then transmit when the abhyasi is ready, connecting their heart with the Master’s heart on the third, fourth or fifth day, depending on the condition. Whereas, during individual sittings, we clean and transmit in one sitting. If you feel it is absolutely essential to combine the two sittings, then the above aspects have to be considered. But it is recommended to do individual and introductory sittings separately, as much as possible.