Is it correct that an abhyasi from one centre should not ask for a remote sitting from a preceptor from another centre?

Abhyasis physically go out of their own cities and take sittings from another preceptor because they cannot get along with their local preceptor. Do you understand the problem? Let us say, you have two preceptors in your centre and for whatever reason you don't get along with them. You end up travelling to another centre and say, “I need a sitting”, and you badmouth those two preceptors. And the other preceptor starts feeling: “I am a better preceptor. I am better than those two, so that is why he is coming here to take sittings.” That is one problem.

“The person to whom I am giving sittings does not like so-and-so preceptor, so I myself have started giving sittings, so that she does not miss out.” You are fuelling that relationship. You are creating turbulence in another centre.

So when we start using this method, and someone comes from another centre and says, “I would like to have a sitting from you, brother”, or sister, you say, “I can't give you a sitting. You go to your preceptor for a sitting, not to me.” They are very smart, I tell you: “Oh, that person is not well, he is sick.” Ask them to write to Master or write to your zonal facilitators, or regional facilitators. Don't entertain such problems.