Heartfulness Retreat Center - Austin, USA

Austin Retreat Centre

Heartfulness Retreat Centere for the Americas in Austin, is situated in the scenic hill country of Travis County in central Texas.

The Retreat Centre is an expression of Master's wish to provide places throughout the world where abhyasis can remove themselves from their routine worldly lives and, for a brief period, immerse themselves in concentrated spiritual reflection in a spiritually-charged atmosphere.

Rev. Master’s Guiding Light

“a RETREAT was for always the few, who needed to retreat from everyday life, and retire in seclusion to introspect, meditate, brood over one's inner condition etc. The purpose was to re-enter normal everyday life refreshed spiritually to face life with a renewed sense of purpose, to restore balance to one's life. A retreat could never be for the many or for the multitude.”

“…abhyasis will stay for a minimum of three days, and for a maximum of thirty”

“So these retreat centers—this also came to me out of a vision, you see. Let us say Sahaj Marg has been a mining company—mining ore. You know, I mean in some way preparing that ore for smelting, for steel-making, etcetera. Now comes the second organization in the process which will put you through the smelting process, refine you, purify you, and give inside you not the steel of the metal, but the steel of integrity, the steel of devotion, the steel of determination that ‘I shall achieve this goal within this lifetime.’”

“Group satsanghs ONLY for the residents undergoing the retreat will be held only once a week. A resident prefect will be available for personal discussions, and advice."

“the Retreat Center shall be like a cave hidden away from public view and available only to those abhyasis who wish to improve their abhyas”

 “... I hope you will make use of these centres for the purpose they are established. Come as you are, go away something else.” 

“So here we look into ourselves, find ourselves as we are with the courage to look at what we see, and to accept what we see, and then comes the boldness and the determination to change what we see into what it should be. That is the culmination of yogic practice.”