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Bulletin No: 2016.62 - Sunday, 31 July 2016

Dear sisters and brothers,

In continuation to the Heartfulness-Speaking Tree spiritual movement, we would now like to seek your support from the centres and zones globally. The speaking tree initiative, where we have a profile of Daaji amongst the masters section on the Times of India speaking tree website has been of high priority with Daaji and the functionaries and hence calls for each of our contribution at this stage. We have conducted weekly webinars to train all functionaries globally and reached out to many of you in the past few weeks.

As communicated over the webinar, we are moving the initiative towards achieving more following for Daaji's profile and strengthening the presence of Heartfulness on the Speaking Tree website. All Coordinators - Zonal and Centre have been requested to establish a SPEAKING TREE DESK at their respective locations with volunteers, on any gatherings including Sunday satsanghs. These desks aim at helping abhyasis to register and follow Daaji's profile. From your end, you can get in touch with your coordinators and either volunteer if you are adept with Technical skills or promote other abhyasis to register and follow. If you are sharing anything on social media, kindly share the posts uploaded ONLY ON OFFICIAL HEARTFULNESS PAGES about the Speaking Tree.

You can use the documents in the drop box link to see registration guidelines and webinar recordings. Please CLICK HERE to the online link and download the material to your computers. We have provided two different extension files to suit your computer set up.

For any further queries or concerns, please mail us at You can also connect on WhatsApp with:
Nisheet (+91-9764-512120), Anubhuti Bajpai (+66-982654648) and Rachit Bijalwan (+91-9895-765943).

Kind regards,
Speaking Tree team