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Bulletin No : 2016.51 - Thursday, 23 June 2016

Report on Daaji’s visit to the USA, for the Heartfulness Conferences, Part 2 - Detroit, 6th to 8th of June 2016.

Monday, 6th of June 2016

In the morning, around 10:45 a.m., Daaji conducted group meditation and spent time with visitors, sharing the following ideas :

Communication and interaction in the spirit of Heartfulness

Heartfulness is about expansion of consciousness and divinisation of existence through meditation. With Heartfulness reaching out to more and more individuals and communities, there is an increasing need for all of us, especially volunteers and functionaries, to consciously bring the essence of the Heartfulness spirit and values into our communication and interactions. Every interaction and meeting should touch the heart and leave a mark of divinity.

How do we achieve this?

Purposeful communication

The manner and matter of communication should be elevating. Feeling the sense of connection to the Source, and being clear in our thought will help create a sense of purpose. Our enthusiasm to build a connection should not result in unnecessary talking and criticism targeted at other people.

Lightness in interaction

Our words and manner of communication should not give out any pressure or stress. We have to give space for others and bring lightness of spirit and mind. We must be alert and watchful of our tendency to react in conversations. It is best not to air our differences of opinion and debate publicly. Arguing convinces no one.

Radiating the spiritual condition

Our presence and conversation must be such that it evokes a spiritual condition of peace and calmness. Our interaction should be cordial and loving. Under no circumstance should we try to put others down in order to prove our point. When another person witnesses our volunteers discussing and interacting with each other, they should feel a sense of awe and wonder.

The COBO Centre event was very well organised and quite a lot of time and team effort has gone behind the scenes. One of our brothers asked to organise a meeting of volunteers with Daaji, who said he would be happy to meet all of them.

In the afternoon, Daaji visited an abhyasi’s home and conducted meditation for about 40 minutes. He spoke about the fact that anonymity is sacred. In the evening, Daaji went to the Canton temple and conducted the final introductory sitting for the new seekers who had come there. Then Daaji had dinner with all the visitors, trustees and board members of the temple. It was a very joyous atmosphere.

Around 8:15 p.m., there was a question and answer session for the newcomers that went on for a long time. Here are some snippets from the session :

Focus on the heart

Q: I find it difficult to focus on the heart. How to deal with this?

Daaji explained how to ignore thoughts during meditation, and very gently settle the mind on Divine Light. He said that eventually one has to transcend the idea of Divine Light and added, “You don’t meditate; you become meditation.”

While explaining meditation, Daaji mentioned that mantras are like crutches to support the mind, but one has to go beyond and experience the essence of Divinity. Creating feeling in the heart is better than listening or chanting.”

One of the seekers explained his experience from the meditation session and asked for clarification on the meaning of it. Daaji said, “Your experience is very significant. True joy is in discovering the meaning for yourself. It is so profound. I will not rob you off this opportunity to find the truth yourself.”

There was also some discussion on cleaning, prayer and the lifestyle changes needed. Daaji said, “Everything you do, spiritualise it. Your heart will guide you.” Talking about the journey, Daaji said, “Without tadap [craving], the journey will become dry.”

Later he spoke about the principle of acceptance: “Accept. When you hit a dead end, what can you do? Suppose if you don’t accept, you will anyway have to go through the pain, but without acceptance there will be no lesson learnt.” Talking about children, teachers and distractions around us, Daaji said, “The worst enemy is not in the street, it is in the house – distractions caused by gadgets and technology.”

One of the board members made an announcement very happily that Canton temple will be the future headquarters for Heartfulness. He also invited Daaji stop there on every visit.

The board members decided to organise one more meditation session with Daaji to be held on the 8th of June, where he was staying. It was also decided to conduct a special training program to prepare trainers. The volunteer group was eager to work out this training program to immerse themselves into the movement. Detroit captured and filled his heart through heartfelt participation in the Heartfulness movement! In a physical sense, the Canton temple event is just one of the thousands of Heartfulness sessions going on around the world. If one looks at the inspiration level of the new seekers, however, and especially the board members, then one will be wonder struck! How in one day and a few hours of sessions, could such a level of inspiration be created in new seekers? Is it not an example where the physical presence of the Guide, willing hearts and a joyous atmosphere can create wonders? One of the member remarked, “For us at Canton temple, this was a meditation event. But your presence has taken it to a different level.” It was truly masterly work, with minimum input, giving maximum output! A wonderful day ended in anticipation of the next day’s event at Canton.

Tuesday, 7th of June 2016

The morning started with a group meditation. Daaji visited an abhaysi’s home for breakfast, and then gave another sitting to new seekers. Later, within a few minutes, he conducted satsangh before breakfast.

The importance of offering good values to children

This morning Daaji shared many of his ideas and his approach towards spreading the spiritual movement all over the world. He especially felt the need to support children. He mentioned that from age 4 to 18 years is a crucial period of human development where external influences can make it or break it. Children are suggestible and impressionable, so infusing them with right values and inspiring them is necessary for a better world.

How to achieve this? Inspired teachers are the answer. We need high quality teachers. Daaji mentioned, “Imagine 2000 highly inspired teachers in all corners of India, covering 2000 schools and working with millions of children. We could start a spiritual fire in their hearts.”

The new seekers around him were asking many questions and bringing out various aspects of spiritual philosophy, religion, stories from the Mahabharata, heart, right living, the role of religion and so many other things. While it is difficult to capture all of those discussions, here are some snippets from this lively and lovely morning:

The infinite journey

“Inviting Infinity into the heart, think about it, God is going to occupy every little corner within us. We need to prepare our heart to receive him. There should be nothing in it. We need to create infinite emptiness within ourselves in order to accommodate Infinity.”

“Knowledge backed by experience is something. Experience can only embellish whatever knowledge we have.”
“The journey is infinite. We should not get stuck with experience. However great our experiences, we have to transcend them. Wishing for certain experiences to be repeated imprisons us.”
“Our journey starts with dogmas and rituals, moves into the domain of experience, and then from experience to direct perception. Ultimately, it should move into a state of surrender, where self assumes humility and He remains the central core of life.”
“When infinity has to merge in us, everything in us must be surrendered infinitely.”
“Atman merging with Paramatman is yoga. Mergence is only the beginning of the journey. When we merge with the Lord, He helps us go beyond the self. When we go beyond, our identity is gone.”
“Mergence is like a raindrop falling into the ocean. Now what happens to the identity of raindrop? It is no more a raindrop, it is the ocean itself!”
“Divinity flows through heart to heart.”
“The essence of many spiritual philosophies is expansion of consciousness.”
“The real change can happen only through the heart. Our job is to create a conducive environment for change.”

The morning session ended with a question and a story. “We often ask and pray to God for peace? What should we really pray for?” Then Daaji narrated the story from the Mahabharata war when Duryodhan and Arjun met Lord Krishna to pray for help in the war.

Talking about the Mahabharata, Daaji laughingly mentioned that no mother would name her child ‘Duryodhana’ or ‘Dushasana’. These were all names given afterwards to describe the qualities of the characters. Sahaj Marg will become synonymous with meditation
Around 10:30 a.m., Daaji came back to his host’s home. He again sat with a group of seekers and clarified things about the Heartfulness approach. Daaji mentioned that the spiritual work was done before 1976 by Babuji Maharaj. The seeds were sown long ago. Our work and movement is all about reaching out so that people become aware of meditation and the journey.

He also said that, “Sahaj Marg should become synonymous with meditation.”

“The seeds of spirituality once planted will grow one day.”

Daaji once again mentioned that we have now to work with children and hence the quality of teachers is very important. “The Heartfulness movement is spreading around the world. The movement needs more and more trainers.”

At 1:55 p.m., Daaji conducted satsangh and again introduced our Heartfulness activities to a group of new seekers. They were very impressed with the extent of the work that is going on in the Heartfulness movement. They genuinely appreciated what is happening and want to support us. It is heartening to see the work of the living Guide and the response of new seekers.

In the evening, at around 5:00 p.m., Daaji left for the Canton temple, where he conducted satsangh for about 40 minutes and gave a talk on the importance of attitude in life, especially focusing on spiritual aspects. Here are some key points from the talk :

Attitude and success in the journey

“No matter what happens during meditation, the end result in always lightness.”

“Success in anything ultimately depends on one’s attitude.”

“Interest is the driving force behind will.”

“Spiritual success depends on three things : attitude, attitude and attitude.”

Talking about the conception and nature of children, Daaji said that often people believe that it is the place and time of birth that defines the nature of a child, but there is a more important factor. He narrated a story from the Mahabharata to highlight how our attitude and condition affects the conception and truly determines the nature of the child to be born. The attitude of the couple at the time of conception creates a field and attracts the soul of that nature.

He also mentioned that at the moment of death, the inner vibratory level of an individual decides what dimension the soul achieves after death. “The inner vibratory level is the result of the overall impact of the entire life from birth to death.”

“Meditation has to be a love-filled exercise. Without love if you meditate then you will not be able to create an inner condition.”

“To succeed in spirituality, bhakti, karma and jnana have to be integrated into life.”

“When love is there, then automatically longing is there.”

“One has to have a keen interest in spiritual practice. When you have interest then why do you need willpower?”

“Because of carelessness we lose our inner condition.”

Daaji also mentioned that guilt almost always comes because one takes advantage of another person’s situation.“If you don’t have love then mimic it.” The temple session ended with plans for regular satsangh and reaching out in the local community to introduce Heartfulness. After finishing his day’s work, Daaji retired at around 11:00 p.m. He mentioned that the root of enmity among people is jealousy.

He also said that how we talk affects our inner condition. We can either speak from the heart, utilising the spiritual condition, or we can modulate our talk so that the inner condition is created. It is as if we are mimicking the inner condition, which in effect creates that condition gradually. Fake it to become it!

Wednesday, 8th of June 2016, Detroit to Los Angeles

Daaji was up early and conducted satsangh at 6:30 a.m. for about 40 minutes.
At the breakfast table, there was a small session, discussing Heartfulness outreach programs, as well as some discussion on current affairs and the degradation of values in society. Daaji narrated the story from the Mahabharata about the nature of the Kali Yug.
Around 10:00 a.m., he left by flight for Los Angeles and reached Camarillo, north of LA, by 3:30 p.m. PST.
Anonymity and humility are akin to sacredness.
Looking back, the Detroit sessions enabled thousands of people to experience meditation with transmission. A true spiritual Guide brings, in anonymity, an opportunity to experience divinity in the hearts of seekers. Whenever somebody appreciated him or praised him, he would say, “I did not do anything. All was done by Them.”